Rare Still from 1968 fail TV show of DAVE CLARK with RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN 10"x8

Rare official promotional press photo of DAVE CLARK with RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN from the Dave Clark Five ITV show "Hold On - It's The Dave Clark Five"
10" x 8" black and white gloss photo shows them deep in conversation, Richard Chamberlain has a camera round his neck, Dave Clark has papers (script?) in his hand and the clapper board clearly shows "Hold On, It's The Dave Clark Five" Prod No 7158 D Clark A Lavis 32 3 Date 31-1-68"
Taped on the back of the photo is a mini-Press Release on blue paper which explains it is a scene from "Hold On - It's The Dave Clark Five" Saturday August 31st and details about the show including that it was produced, directed and written by Dave Clark and guests included Richard Chamberlain and Lulu
Size approx 10 inches x 8 inches. Black & white glossy
Due to re-location, a good friend of mine who worked in media, is selling a vast and varied collection of celebrity photographs and memorabilia, collected over many years, some of which are rare items received directly from the artistes.
He has kindly given me a lot of the music related ones to sell on my ebay account and is sharing the proceeds to help me with costs of promoting my upcoming artists, which means that bands and singers from the past are now helping to fund the promotion of potential stars
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