1968 Hot Wheels Redline Custom Mustang US PURPLE RARE YEAR #1 FILLER/STARTER!

i will give each car a single number on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best please refer to the scale below as it corresponds to the number grade i have given the car has been created by me and i am not a professional grader...so LOOK AT ALL PICS PLEASE and use my system as a GUIDE...if i am stuck between 2 grades i'll give it a .5 to show its in the middle somewhere
this car is a:
4i will also briefly mention anything else i see that might not be totally visible in the pics : rolls fine, crack free, no hood
9+ - i see nothing wrong but am afraid to call a car a 10 9 - near mint - maybe a nick or two - DISPLAYS for NEARLY ANYONE 8 - tiny bit of wear throughout - small imperfections here and there - DISPLAYS FOR MOST 7 - light wear throughout - NOT 2 SHABBY - far from perfect with minor issues - STILL DISPLAYS for MANY 6 - light to moderate wear throughout - car has play wear but nothing major is wrong - could SHOW for the NEW COLLECTOR 5 - moderate wear throughout - significant playwear but still structurally sound / OR lighter wear throughout with something major wrong - GOOD FILLER 4 - moderate wear throughout - with something major wrong / OR lots of wear with no major issues - GREAT FOUNDATION FOR A PROJECT or a DECENT RARE FILLER 3 - moderate to heavy wear throughout - with multiple issues - but still a
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