1968 Lesney Matchbox Series #6d1 Ford Pick Up Truck Made in England MIB $24.99

1968 Lesney Matchbox Series #6d1 Ford Pick Up Truck Made in England MIB $60.00

Made in England



Model Details for Matchbox 6d Ford Pick Up Brand/Number: Matchbox 6d1 Model Name: Ford Pick Up Truck Color/Variation: Red Details: Black Plastic Wheels, Removable Topper, Black Base, White Grill The avid collecting of miniature diecast models all commenced with one business back in 1953. With a simple genesis of a toy car for his daughter, Jack Odell of Lesney Products had begun a completely new niche of toys and collectibles that are currently as well-known these days as they were over fifty years ago. Sadly, Lesney Products, the original, founder of the Matchbox toy car, is no longer in business but Lesney Series Matchbox cars from its day remain earnestly sought after.
From their beginnings, Lesney Series Matchbox diecast cars ruled the miniature diecast niche. When originally introduced, they were unmatched. Lesney Products was the inaugural producer to distinguish the market niche for small diecast cars and no one had introduced anything yet to fill that need. The first car ever distributed was a green and red road roller designed to fit inside a match box so Jack Odell’s young daughter could take it to school. An quick hit and using their clever matchbox marketing, 2 extra
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