1968 Los Angeles Dodgers Postcards Bill Singer Graded PSA

I recently found a couple of dozen Dodger postcards in my card closet that I bought around 1972. They were all pretty much in perfect condition. I decided to send them into PSA for grading and sell them on Ebay not knowing what to expect from PSA in the area of "postcard grading."

I have had some weird experiences sending non-"standard" cards into PSA for grading before. I sent both 1969 Topps basketball rulers and 1980's Donruss baseball pop-ups (stand-ups) to PSA and upon getting them back, realized they really had no idea what grading criteria to use for them probably because they rarely encounter them. The grading on the rulers was haphazard to say the least. The PSA "9's" looked like "6's" and the "6's" looked like "9's". The Donruss 2-ply pop-ups came back mostly "6's" even though they were gem mint. Apparently the grader thought the indentation created by the back card (the stand) on the front card was created by customer mishandling or a factory screw-up of some kind. Actually they were designed, manufactured and packaged that way.

Well anyway, I sent the postcards in kind of expecting the worse. Unfortunately I was right. I like to think I know a little about PSA grading and graders. I've submitted over 10,000 cards to them and have over 3,000 PSA cards in my Ebay store at any given time. My biggest problem
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