Welcome to my auction. Up for your bidding consideration is this complete set of three reels (21 Stereo Pictures) entitle d " STAR TREK THE OMEGA GLORY". The Packet is numbered B 499 and was manufactured by the GAF Corporation in New York, N. Y. in 1968.

The set consists of the following:

The original packet which is in good condition. The top flap is with the packet but has come apart from the packet. The packet is separating at the seams on the top portion of the packet but the separation is only about one inch long The original sixteen page color illustrated booklet which is in excellent condition with no missing pages, rips, scribbles, or tears. The original sleeve that holds the three reels which is in excellent condition with no writing on it. T are no rips or tears in the sleeve. Three reels which are all in excellent condition. All picture cells and frames are intact, and I personally viewed all twenty-one of the pictures and found that all of the colors and graphics are still bright, clear, and vibrant. The 3-D effect is outstanding. The original GAF VIEWMASTER MAIL ORDER FORM which lists hundreds of titles and shows the various other GAF FABULOUS VIEWMASTER PRODUCTS available at that time. The order form is in perfect condition and t are no rips, scribbles, or tears. It provides a nice description of the many
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