1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card #177


The item listed is the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card #177. The card is in excellent condition considering the age (this card is from my personal collection from when I was a child), but I am not a dealer and I do not claim to be an expert at rating sports cards; tfore, I have included several photos, including some magnified ones (#'s 2,3,5,6), so that you can judge for yourself.

Photo #1 shows a naked eye view of the front w some slight wear is evident on the upper left corner and lower right corner. The colors are still vibrant with little or no fading. The card is off-centered and you should judge that percentage for yourself.

Photo #2 is a magnified view that shows the lower right corner having a slight crease and some fray.

Photo #3 is also magnified and shows the upper right corner having some fray.

Photo #4 shows the back of the card with no staining or loss of color.

Photo #5 is magnified and shows the upper right corner with very slight wear.

Photo #6 is also magnified and shows the lower left corner in very nice shape, little to no rounding or fray.

Please be advised that the holder is also old and has many scratches, some of which are visible in the pictures (they are not on the card itself). If you are going to display this card then
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