1969 Barsottini Liqueur Sealed Monk Winemaker W/ Feet.

You are bidding on an extraordinary and rare Unopened 1969 era Vintage Collectable Porcelain Monk Decanter of "Barsottini Liqueur " at no reserve. Vintage 40 Ounce Collectable Decanter.

This work of art exhibits a life-like rendering of an inebriated singing monk lifting his robe to knee level in order to stomp and crush grapes in a large wooden wine-press with his feet. Dimensions are 12" H. by 6" W. by 5" Deep. The detail and life-like expression of the work is majestic and has been produced in a very high quality fashion . The decanter displays vibrant colors from the monks red faced complexion to the enticing bunches of rose colored grapes throughout the wine-press. Also, the decanter possesses a high gloss lacquer finish as seen in the photos. Truly a classic and unique well made keepsake.

And finally, at the base of the decanter, we find an inscription which reads as follows: Barsottini Carta De Italia 1969 Banfi - New York.

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