1969 Dwight Eisenhower Funeral 8 Photographs Abilene KS

I purchased photographs from a gentleman's estate who worked for Beechcraft in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to pictures of Beechcraft airplanes(another auction) he also attended the 1969 funeral on Dwight Eisenhower in Abilene. T are eight pictures total, 6 of which are in color and measure of 16 ½ by 20 inches. The fifth one is 10 ½ by 13 ½ in black and white of a Ford car with an Air Force decal on the side. One of the pictures did have something laying on it and the remnants are still on the picture. I think it might come off, but I didn't try; I'll leave it to the new owner. Three of the pictures were taken in Washington D. C. and I'll try to show a number of pics of the photographs, but if you would like more, just let me know and I'll send more.
I'll describe each one separately:
Ford Car with Air Force decal on the side.
Mamie walking with the flag in her hand. (This is the one with imperfections from something being laid on it.)
Carrying the casket into the "Place of Meditation in Abilene, KS.)
Carrying the casket on the sidewalk.
Mamie in front of the "Place of Meditation".
White House photo in Washington, D.C.
Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D. C.
Photo of the White House
All of the pictures have been matted and the matting is beginning to darken with age.
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