Up for auction is a WORKING 1969 West Germany ,Black Forest, Musicial with Dancers Cuckoo Clock. I don't know that much about these ,but I believe they call this the hunter' s style cuckoo clock as it is decordated with the hunting theme : deer head, antlers, guns, rabbit ,pheasant and hunting bag. A lot of which could be hand carved , I'm not an expert on these but the rabbit and the bird do have glass eyes , can't make up my mind if the deer head's are glass or not. Nice looking clock.

This is a working one day mechanical movement clock which keeps good time and movement is clean . On the hour the cuckoo bird counts the hours and the gong strikes the number of the hours. After that the music plays and the four couples dance around the balcony. On the half hour the bird cuckoo's once (1 time ) and the gong strikes once.

As shown in the pic's the dial is marked W. Germany and on the rear of the clock is stamped 11-69 West Germany. The Movement is stamped REGULA , made West Germany , Has number 25 , E. Schmeckenbecher , also has G.M. 1884288 and 1892176 . Paper tag on the back of the clock reads Blaue Donau and number 1024.

This is a good sized clock from the top of the antlers to the bottom of the hunting bag is about 17 inches ( this not counting the pendulum or the weights) 9 3/4 inches wide and about
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