1969 JBL Sovereign C60 S8R S8-R Speakers with 075 & 375

1969 JBL Sovereign C60 Speakers with S8R package
Oldsoundz offers you a fine example of the legendary JBL C60 Sovereign S8R package. Also included is the matching JBL Sovereign III equipment cabinet. You also get 5 pieces of original literature (at the bottom of the page) including the 1969 catalogue.
This set of 1969 JBL Sovereign S8R has sequential serial numbers and contain multiple pairs of sequential components. Most important of which is the MINT pair of 16 ohm 375s.
This set was recently acquired from the estate of the original owner. I am told he was a local composer, who died at a young age. His name was not disclosed.
The Sovereign I and Olympus are acoustically and dimensionally identical. To those of you not familiar with the Sovereign S8R package, it contains the same components of the early Paragon, plus an additional passive 15" woofer.
The S8R Sovereign speakers are more acoustically accurate than the Paragon due to driver arrangement/dispersion. While the Paragon is far more collectible, its performance is compromised for aesthetic design. These Sovereigns also have cutouts in the rear for optional JBL Energizer units.
This pair is in excellent condition for their age. I have owned 3 pair and seen 2 more sets of Sovereign S8R at the home of an acquaintance. These are definitely the
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