1969 Kahn's Wieners Jim Maloney - PSA 7

Welcome to TonyeTrade Enterprises! Whether you are trying to complete a collection or find that rare elusive sports or baseball card you've come to the right place. Catering to the needs of the collector , Tonyetrade Enterprises specializes in rare and difficult to find sports memorabilia . With focus on vintage and rare baseball , football, and hockey sports cards, Tonyetrade deals in high quality collectibles graded by the top professional sports card authenticators: PSA and SGC . 1969 Kahn's Wieners Jim Maloney - PSA 7 1969 Kahn's Wieners Jim Maloney Please read our Ebay DSR information at the bottom of the auction before placing your bid. We sell cards that start at 99 cents and go up to $50,000 on Ebay. Due to the impossibility of varying shipping costs for each auction for insurance and weight, we charge a flat fee of $5.00 for the first card and $1.00 per additional card for shipping. So whether your card is 99 cents or $30,000, your shipping charges are the exact same. We have found this to be the fairest way to deal with shipping, by being a flat rate across the board. If this policy does not seem fair to you, our apologies, but please don’t bid on our items. We have had perfect Ebay feedback since 1998, and do everything we can to preserve that longstanding commitment of excellence to our customers. Item(s) will be shipped ... read more