1969 Marvelmania Club Catalog SCARCE Unique Kirby $9.99

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This is a glossy Very Good copy of the prized 16-page 1969 Marvelmania Club Catalog. When The Merry Marvel marching Society was deemed too expensive too maintain by Martin Goodman, yet Stan Lee protesting that it was great public relations, the fan club was licensed to over to independent hands at the new Marvelmania International. This catalog came as part of the first membership kit. The action-packed cover, with pencils and inks by Jack Kirby, features Captain America, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Doom.

Inside are all kinds of rare Marvelous merchandise offerings that would tickle any Marvel Zombie's fancy today including:

Marvelmania Decals - with damn near everybody then in the Marvel universe, Colossal Color Jumbo Posters with artwork by Kirby, John Romita, Jim Steranko, Howard Purcell, and Herb Trimpe

Comic Artists Inking and Coloring Kit with some of the aforementioned artists, along with Marie Severin, Gene Colan, and John Buscema

The Official Marvelmania Pen pal kit designed by King Jack Kirby

8 different Super-Hero Buttons

Plastic Pillows

2-page Marvelmania International letter from "The Marvelmania Madmen!" (some of whom later proved to be notorious Marvelmaniac-robbing thieves)

Marvelmania Mad Money

and a Marvel ad with "The Biggest Entertainment Bargain This Side of Asgard's rainbow Bridge!!" and cameos of all their biggest heroes and foe

This fun memory-jogging catalog was produced with the 3-ring binder holes so no worries about it being marred post-facto.

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