1969 Woodstock Rolling Stone Wallkill Ticket Program

1969 Woodstockthree item collection, Rolling Stone Issues 40 and 42 and a reproduction copy of the original Woodstock Program from the 80's.The Woodstock organizers had placed adds in underground, counterculture, radical, hippy, music, publications in advance of the festival for advance ticket sales and then the Wallkill Village Board banned the festival and that sent the organizers in a frantic search for the alternative site. Max Yasgur enters the picture and music history was made.....the Wallkill advance ticket sales add is in the Rolling Stone 1969 issue number 40 on page 31 and is a very collectable piece of Woodstock memorabilia. I sold over $5000.00 of Authentic Woodstock memorabilia in August of 2009 for the 40th anniversary. I am thinning out my collection of Woodstock memorabilia and will be listing several opportunities to grab some interesting pieces from the 1969 history making event. Please ask any questions and read entire description before bidding, take a l--00--k at my other listings and you may find something that also interests you..... thanks

Rolling Stone # 40 August 23 1969 has a piece missing on front cover and a small Kinks add cut out on page 27.... however the Woodstock Wallkill add is there in all its glory....... I have seen the framed add alone sell on EBAY for my beginning bid .The magazine
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