1970 Acoustic model 470 Guitar or bass head 170 watts

Buy It Now! My vintage Acoustic 470 is still in original condition and everything is working as it should. It’s amazing that this amp is still kicking almost 40 years after it was first introduced! This head can easily power any bass or guitar bottom of your choice. I know that Acoustic sold this amp in their ads for guitarists matched with a 4 X 10 speaker cabinet much like a Marshall stack. This solid-state amp has more than enough power to compete in any band situation! It's EQ can create any tone with minimal distortion. The Acoustic 470 is a non load sensitive 170W RMS amplifier according to Acoustic Control Corp literature. It was Acoustic Research’s most powerful amplifier at the time and was billed as a guitar as well as a bass amplifier. The 470 toggle controls have an A/B type feature. they assign what channel you are in. The 2 channels offer built in distortion as well as bright options via these toggle switches. The amp has a reverb control, and a speed and intensity control knob to create a tremolo type effect This amp has both High and low inputs. T are two speaker outputs on the back, and it has a three band dial eq and 5 band slide graphic eq that runs from 70 hz up to 220 hz. Because the dual equalization is so broad on this amp, the 470 was designed to be able to be used for either bass or guitar! The circuit design ... read more