1970 era Pay Phone Western Electric 1C 2 Payphone

Western Electric Payphone

1970/1980 Bell Style Western Electric

1C 2 Payphone

This payphone comes with the wall mounting kit and the 2 side mounted security locks.

Manufacturer : Western Electric

Model Number : 1C 2

Description : Stripped down to bare metal and re-painted to Telephone Company standards. This set will plug into standard home phone outlets and functions like any other home phone (no change required) and will act as a piggy bank . Our refurbished Western Electric 1 C2 pay phones are completely REFURBISHED. Cases are sand blasted, primed, and repainted. Chrome is inspected, cleaned and buffed. These phones have been checked, inspected and tested. Payphone is Modular ready, plugs into a modern wall plug. No Money required to place a call. Sturdy indoor/outdoor construction. Bell System Western Electric 1 C2 comes with Locking vault door, Built in ringer and armored cord. Wall mounting kit and additional security locks.

Features : Works with or without Coin deposits.

Coin deposits drop directly into coin box.

Fully functional.

Converted for home use.

Works like a normal phone.

Installs into existing wall jacks. (2 wire modular)

T is a 6 month warranty on these payphones.

Optiona l Included Wall mounting
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