1970 Gottlieb Aquarius Pinball Machine Hippy Wedgehead

This 1970 Gottlieb Aquarius is one of two pinball machines I have for sale, both at no reserve!

Back in the Age of Aquarius, it was all about free love, freeing your mind, and free pinball... well, 25 cents wasn't quite free, but you weren't t man, you wouldn't understand. Well, neither was I, but this Aquarius pinball was, and the stories it would tell if it could talk. Fast forward nearly 30 years, this machine is in good condition and is sure to bring the new owner years of enjoyment. This machine features lots of targets and five kickout holes. The famous "Special when Lit" awards free games once all of the targets have been hit.

The backglass is in very good condition, and aside from a tiny bit of flaking one letter of "Aquarius", it only suffers from problems typically found on Gottliebs of this vintage - a few marks in the center of the score reels, and a scrape near the credit window. Both of these could be touched up by someone more talented than I, but overall the glass looks great from the player's standpoint. The playfield is also in good condition, showing wear from the kickout holes that is hard to see from the player's standpoint. Other than thatm it is pretty nice. Look at the reflection in the supersize photos! All plastics are in excellent condition. The cabinet is also in good condition, and shows
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