Please Note: To avoid confusion,The 2 numbers separated by the dash were the "Book Value" at the time the cars were obtained, and the dollar amount on the other sticker is how much was paid for them, these are not sort of code of hidden message. Please also note that the conditions on the sticker are solely based on opinion and should not be construed as a guarantee of any type. Shipping cost includes 1st 3 vehicles, Please add 1.25 for each additional vehicle. Please contact me with any questions. Please check out my other auctions. Thanks for looking!!!

PAYMENT: Payment is required IMMEDIATELY after the auction ends WITHOUT EXCEPTION(Depending on your time zone, I don't expect you to wake up to make payments at 3am)!!! If you do not respond to payment requests or contact me regarding payment by within 24 hours of the auction ending, the item will be relisted and a non paying bidder case opened as soon as eBay policy permits. Please do not contact me to make any "deals" in regards to shipping or any other pricing issue. My shipping policy is clearly stated below and in the listing above and is non negotiable and is in place to protect both parties. As far as pricing is concerned, you bid on your own free will, I therefore will not adjust pricing based solely on the premise that you think you overpaid for a particular item.
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