1970 S SMALL DATE Lincoln Penny Cent RED Uncirculated

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Taken out of a 2x2 for close-up Just a larger picture from the 10 above
1970 S Small Date Lincoln Cent, Un-circulated.
These coins were all hand sorted back in 1970 from a fresh stitched bag of pennies straight from the bank.
They have been in their 2x2's since then and have not seen the light of day since that very day 39 years ago.
I did open a lone 2x2 so I could take a better picture without
getting the glare of the cellophane.
Most are turning red, some have light dings and abrasions on them from when they were in the stitched bag amongst the other coins.
You can call them anything you like with today's myriad of grading numbers,
but one thing is for sure, they were NEVER spent.
Don't miss the opportunity to own a key coin at a VERY affordable price.
Though t are 14 pictured, you are only bidding on one.
Shipped First Class in a padded envelope with Delivery Confirmation.
Insurance is optional.
To learn what the small date SHOULD look like, CLICK
ALL of mine have the hooked 9, flat 7 and lightly struck Liberty.

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