1970 Truman Capote Signature Mike Douglas Show

Over the next month I will be listing an autograph collector's dream, featuring signatures from a large group of autograph albums collected by a staff worker for the Mike Douglas show from 1968-75. Stars in all fields music, tv, sports, art, etc. These are from a Mastro auction, I am providing the link so that you can look at the large number of names offered. Album pages are 4 x 5 1/2 Many are personalized to Frank some are not, This cut is of author of Truman Capote author of In Cold Blood Dec.17,1970 High bidder to pay 3.00 first class shipping, thanks /index.cfm?action=DisplayContent&ContentName=Lot%20Information&LotIndex=81519&LastLotListing=Lot%20List%20Categories&CurrentRow=41