1970s LARAMIE by Rosetti Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

Here we have a 1970s (not sure of the exact year) LARAMIE by Rosetti Hummingbird style guitar.
Like any other Hummingbird it's beautiful to look at!
Sound: Warm, rich and full of tone.
Slightly high action but great for strumming, slide playing etc. This can be adjusted with a little saddle shave and neck adjustment I'm sure!
A few scratches here and there including a bit of buckle rash on the back, but nothing major! All expected on a 30 year old guitar.
I bought it 2nd hand (or maybe 3 or 4, who knows!) and it's had a about £30 worth of replacement parts as it landed in my hands a little tatty, here is a list of new bits...
- 6 new open geared tuners (pearl)
- A new saddle and screws
- A strap button
- New pickguard
- Fresh strings
- Hot Rod Bridge Pins
Any questions, please feel free to ask!