1970's OJ Simpson Buffalo Bills Hertz Poster f2

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Up for auction is a nice collection of sports related posters from 1968 - 1986.


background: I'm one of the largest dealers on sports publications, posters, memorablia and cards on ebay with over 100,000 publications in stock. So if you have questions just give me a call at . You can also contact me regarding apprasials. I currently reside in Texas and I'm willing to travel across the country. I did write the book on collecting sports publications called, the "Collectors Guide to Sports Illustrated and sports publications (beckett 98)". I also have written books on Baseball yearbooks.

I've been in the hobby for 30 years.

Buying and Selling : If you are interested in selling or having me list your material on ebay feel free to contact me about your collection.

shipping - poster are shipped in box and will be shipped together if they can fit (about 3 to a tube).