Rare 1970's Roy Hill Arrow Pro Stock T-Shirt Unused! !!

This is a 70's vintage shirt for "Hillbilly" Roy Hill's mid-70's pro stock arrow. It pictures his famed pro stocker and moon shine still on the front side, the back is blank. T is some age staining on the back and one sleeve, once t was a sticker telling the size of the shirt, the glue from the sticker has stained through to the back side-I have tried to photograph the slight damage in the pictures BELOW. The shirt appears to be a size medium on a heavyweight white shirt.It is in NOS condition-never worn, washed or used!. You will never soon see another one of these, This has been folded and stored air tight for the last 30 years! Vintage ORIGINAL! items like this never seem to come around in NOS, Unused condition! A great obscure drag racing item you will not see again soon!100% original! great colorful one for your collection. I do combine winning items for postage.

I have had a few questions about the shirts I have been putting on the last few months. Most were if these are authentic. In the 1970's and early 80's I photographed Racing and these were added to my large collection. Most were given to me or bought, I would wear one and save another. I am not selling the ones I wore, but am selling the ones that are in NOS unused condition. Rest assured that these are 100% original period shirts, not copys or remakes!