1970's Steuben Heart and Key By the late James Houston

This steuben 1970's piece by James Houston. Measures 2" in height and 3 1/2" in width. and 4 in long It comes in the original fitted, red leather case. The piece is marked Steuben.


This amazing piece was designed by the late James Houston , a Master Designer at Steuben Glass. The piece is called Heart and Key it is very similar to the key to my heart by Eric Hilton *2005

This item is in great condition . The bottom has a small surface scratch

The crystal heart fits in its steuben marked red leather and velvet box securely . The box is in good condition but some small places could use some mending. I can send pictures if needed.


According to the experts at STEUBEN GLASS, NEW YORK , This beautiful piece would have a value of $2,500 as of 2004. This was a verbal appraisal from Steuben, not written. They also said with Mr Houston having passed on that the value goes up but do not have a apraisal March 2007

If you are a serious collector of Steuben Crystal, don't miss this opportunity to acquire a treasure like this.