1970s Vintage Pine-Sol Bottle w/ Star Wars Flyer promo!

1970s Pine-Sol Bottle with Star Wars Flyer promo!

This is an unusual item: A glass bottle of Pine-Sol with an offer on the label for a Star Wars Flyer (frisbee depicting an X-Wing Fighter)

Only 2 Star Wars labels plus 50c handling. Comparable $2.99 value.
Order Form on Reverse Side (cut

The bottle is made of glass, and is unopened, with the original 1970s Pine-Sol inside of it. This would be an interesting addition to a collection of 1970s Star Wars memorbilia, and an especially nice complement if you already own the X-Wing frisbee!

The label is in very good shape, no fading or rips. A slight fraying at the bottom, but not very significant. The paint on the cap is chipped away, but everything else about the bottle looks brand new! We will comply with any special shipping instructions, for instance, if you want the bottle opened and drained.

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