Rare 1970's Vintage Takatoku Z-Gokin Fuji Toy Crane Robot Die Cast Car Daburon

This auction is for a Japanese toy called "Fuji", from the Takatoku "Z-gokin" line from the show Adventure Family: Koko Wa Wakusei Zero Banchi ("This Is Planet Zero") that ran from 9/6/77 - 1/24/78. It has a mini Daburon (little robot) included that attaches to the front of the vehicle. � The vehicle itself has a working crane and the drivers window moves up. � The Daburon has wheels and attaches to the front of the vehicle. � It can rotate it's body, head and arms, and the arms are springs. It has several extras, one is a rocket that connects to the vehicle and can be shot off by a trigger and a spring. � The other two extras are scoops. The box is the only thing that isn't pristine. � The plastic is gone from one window section and a part of the box has been torn off. The rest looks great.