1971 Fisher Price Explorer ATV #980 WITH BOX and People

With this gift, you will have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! Up for auction is one of the BEST toys ever produced. This is the FISHER PRICE #980 ATV Explorer from the early 1970’s along with the ORIGINAL BOX and TWO LITTLE People Construction Workers. These little 6 wheeled machines were incredible. They provided HOURS of enjoyment for little kids that had them. Just about every kid from the 1970’s remembers having one of these or a friend that had one. This ATV is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. The BLUE wheels are in ALMOST NEW condition (Check out the pictures of the wheels. There is no wear on the outside of the tread.) The seat is still bright RED. The decals are in EXCELLENT condition. The long decal is in REALLY NICE CONDITION with one small mark on the picture of the Earth. The smaller decal in the other side is in EXCELLENT condition with one scratch. The steering wheel is nice and straight, and the color is vibrant. The horn and revving level are also nice and vibrant RED indicating that this ATV did not spend any time outdoors (as the ones that went out side would fade). This ATV has a WORKING horn. The revving mechanism WORKS and makes the revving noise. The back yellow step are in good condition. The interior compartment is great for you little one to carry things around the house. The compartment is nice and clean inside. If you ... read more