1971 Husky Oil RUGGED AMERICANS Franklin Mint- 13 Coins

This 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" folio booklet- The Franklin Mint COLLECTION OF RUGGED AMERICANS Series 1 , First Edition Proof Set, Presented by Husky Oil 1971, has 13 sterling silver commemorative "coins" about the size of a quarter with the following names & images (head & shoulders of individuals) on front and back respectively: 1) Geronimo/ The Apache Tribe (bird design), 2) Black Hawk / The Sauk Tribe (teepee), 3) Sitting Bull/ The Sioux Tribe (buffalo), 4) Wild Bill Hickok/ Marshall, Abilene (Star design), 5) Kit Carson/ K. C. (initials on fringed bag with tomahawk behind), 6) Wyatt Earp/ U. S. Deputy (star)), 7) Bat Masterson/ (top hat & cane), 8) William Clark/ (telescope), 9) Meriwether Lewis/ (surveyor's instrument), 10) Buffalo Bill Cody/ (buffalo head), 11) Sacajawea/ The Shoshone Tribe (pipe with feather), 12) Crazy Horse/ The Oglala Sioux Tribe (feather with ring), and 13) Chief Joseph/ The Nez Perce Tribe (jumping salmon). The silver coins are very shiny & good condition. The folio booklet is solid with binding and in good condition inside with some small light spots & one light scratch. The outside is not as good, as you can see, with some wrinkling and the silver printing of the cover title partially worn, mainly towards the top & right side, with the last part of "Americans" not fully legible. The

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