1971 Marvel Comics Group - Dr. Strange - The Search #4008 - Blacklight Poster

This is a Dr. Strange " The Search " Black light Poster #4008.

A 1971 Product from Marvel Comics Group. Manufactured and

Distributed by The Third Eye, Inc. in N.Y. I purchased this poster

myself and had it mounted on a wall. So there are a few pin holes

in the corners. Also some minor stains. But it is in great condition

for it's age. I put it in a 22 1/2" x 34" poster frame that has a blue

border. I left the clear cover over the plastic front for protection.

And "Wow" you should see it under a black light. Awesome !!

I will be listing more black light posters in the near future. I will

ship poster in frame.All info. I listed above is on the Poster.