LLADRO CHRISTMAS PLATE made in SPAIN in 1971 . The name of the plate is " CHRISTMAS CAROLING ". On the plate it shows " NAVIDAD 1971 " and above are FIVE children singing carols from the music book. This plate # 7006 was a LIMITED EDITION and SOLD OUT .

The outer ring is a pale Lladro Blue and the Carollers are all White on a raised background. It gives you a three "D" scene. T is a gold ring all around the plate, both on the outer edge and on the section that is white.

On the back of the plate is the LLADRO LOGO in BLUE and the words LLADRO -- MADE IN SPAIN . In SPANISH , I believe it says " FIRST EDITION ".

The High auction was $ 300 .00 for this plate, the Low was $ 75 .00 .

Start the auction $19.99 with $6.00 to ship.