1971 Scout World Jamboree crest & Canadian contg. crest

PLEASE note this is a FIVE DAY auction only.

You are bidding on the items in the title bar and in the photograph. The small 1971 crest from the jamboree in Japan, stil in plastic. Also the large Canadian contingent jacket crest.

I only dabble with collecting Scouting badges mainly because it's hard to be in Scouting and not dabble in trading. Plus I'm a collector at heart so it's hard to resist. So it's possible my identification of certain items could be wrong. I try to be accurate and will explain if I'm not sure. If you see a correction then please let me know and I will correct it.

Please note that most of these items are not mine so I don't have much information about them other than what I can find on the internet. Since I've been doing ebay since 1997 many friends give me Scouting items to sell for them. So I add a few items of mine to the total and every few months sell some more.

All single or double crests, badges and patches or similar small items will be mailed in a standard envelope. Older more delicate ones will be shipped between cardboard. Multiple wins or multiple items in one auction will usually go in a padded envelope and occassionally in a box. That is why I can predict shipping costs on items. If you want special shipping arrangement then they can be arranged but will likely
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