Welcome to my Weekly Vintage Auctions .. .Today I am pleased to be bringing you over 150 Star cards from the 70's. These are mostly baseball with a few football and basketball mixed in. All are in nice condition from Ex+ to Nrmint-Mint. Clean cards some of which could be graded.. You can view them all by going to my store and clicking on the ungraded star catagory. .. COMBINED SHIPPING DEAL- PAY ONLY A FLAT $3.00 SHIPPING- NO MATTER HOW MANY CARDS YOU WIN!! That is right. Win 1 or all of my cards on the week and only pay a flat $3.00 for shipping. This is a great opportunity to pick up a bunch of cards at one stop. Be sure to Bookmark My site as I am Running Vintage Cards each and every week!. REMEMBER, I OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT 100% SATISFIED!!!. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY STORE W YOU CAN VIEW ALL OF MY AUCTIONS- BE SURE TO CHECK OUT NEXT WEEK-OVER 2000 CARDS FROM THE 1960's INCLUDING TONS OF STARS!!

1971 Topps- # 1 -NRMINT. Card has 1 very light corner touch, still has nice original gloss. The card has NO wrinkles or creases on it and the back is clean .One of the nicest ungraded Unitas cards you will see from the condition sensitive 71 set.