1971 Topps Roberto Clemente #630 NMT HIGH GRADE $150 Pirates HOF Legend WOW

Shipping for my sports card auctions IN THE US works like this-

add $1 for each additional auction won.

1 Auction $2.75 shipping

2 auctions $3.75 shipping

3 auctions $4.75 shipping

4 auctions $5.00 shipping

5 auctions $5.00 shipping

6 auctions $5.00 shipping

7 auctions $5.00 shipping

Once You get to $5.00 shipping, SHIPPING NEVER GOES UP!

20 auctions $5.00 shipping

50 auctions $5.00 shipping

Shipping starts at the amount listed for that particular sports card auction but never goes above $5.00.

International Shipping is $3.75, add $1.00 for each additional card won.

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