1972 - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes - one sheet

Up for auction is a one sheet for Conquest of the Planet of the Aped - 1972. The poster is in very good condition with no pinholes. There is some wear along the top right corner and some smudges down the right side border as shown in the pictures. The corners are sharp except were noted. Horror and Sci-fi movie paper is very collectable and this poster is no exception.A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING --------------------- Recently, I started selling on eBay again and got a shock when I went to the post office. USPS states that they will not accept a parcel from Canada unless it is shipped EXPEDITED or faster. Expedited used to include a tracking number and $100.00 insurance. They now charge extra for these services. On top of the $7.80 for shipping expedited, I also got charged an additional $7.00 for the tracking number and 99 cents for insurance. By the way, you cannot get insurance without a tracking number. You can ship without a tracking number but I do not advise it. SHIPPING RATES -------------- Canada - EXPEDITED SHIPPING with TRACKING NUMBER and $100 INSURANCE -$8.00 USA - EXPEDITED SHIPPING with TRACKING NUMBER and $100 INSURANCE - $15.00 The shipping rates look backwards because I am in Canada but I am listing these items on eBay USA I SHIP TO CANADA AND USA ONLY