1972 IDEAL Doll 21" HARMONY Ideal CRISSY Doll Family Vintage Ideal Toy Doll EUC

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Auction Ends Monday Nov.21st

For Sale: Offered for Auction, with No Reserve , is the exact shown original 1972 Ideal 21" Doll "HARMONY". the attached 9 photos with this listing are of the exact doll being offered for sale. The shown doll, along with her clothes, glasses, and shoes are all being sold just as shown in all photos. This doll is part of the "Crissy" family from Ideal. I acquired this doll from a collector, and I acquired her with the shown wire-rim glasses she is wearing. I have never seen another Harmony doll wearing these, so I do not know if this was an optional accessorie for this doll made by Ideal, as it does fit the "hippy" image she is portraying, plus the glasses fit the doll perfectly. Doll is in excellent condition with joints moving with easy. Doll is free of any markings breaks and tears. Doll has not been played with or abused, and was owned and displayed by a collector. Very unique and great looking doll from Ideal. Bid now and win!!

I start all my auctions way below the items value in order to encourage bidding! In no way is it a reflection of the items condition , as I start all of my auctions low so the item will attrach attention and potential buyers. I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the ebay auction system, as almost
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