1972 Sears Catalog Christmas-G I Joe; Pedal Cars; Furga Dolls; Tinker Toys;Ideal

Sears Catalog
Christmas 1972
602 pages
Loaded with Seasonal goodies - record players, Raggedy Ann and Andy; Western Town set, King Arthur's Castle set; Action Jackson; G.I. Joe; Mattel and Ideal models; Jaguar XKE pedal car; drums, organs, guitars; Visible engine, Aurora; Tinker Toys; walkie talkies, transistor radios, record players, Disney; toys galore, viewmaster, matchbox, Tonka, pedal cars, HO race tracks; trains, science sets; dolls, pinball machines; Malibu Barbie $1.97 and friends; Furga dolls; skates, candy; big section of board games, mod fashions and bell bottoms.
Chosen Reflections Inc/Million Magazines. Kaufman Texas 75142
In the trade since 1976.