1972 Sunoco/DX NFL Player Stamp unopened booklets (25)

You are bidding on 25 unopened Player Booklets from a 1 Year promotion entitled NFL ACTION '72 that the NFL did with Sunoco/DX dealers in the Midwest in 1972. To bolster more interest in Professional Football the National Football League, which a few Years earlier merged AFL and NFL teams into one 26 team league, along with the NFL Players Association offered NFL Player Stamp Booklets and albums for filling up at select Gas/Service Stations in parts of the Midwest, Northeast and perhaps a few other Regions. This auction is for 25 unopened booklets which each contains 9 player stamps (an example is pictured) and features all the starting Players of the Year. Stars like: Namath, Butkus, Unitas, Starr, Griese, OJ, Bradshaw, Staubach, Tarkenton, Blanda, Dawson, Archie Manning and many more! The Player Stamp booklets are all UNOPENED just like they were when issued 38 Years ago! You will get an assortment of of the 4 Team versions on the Booklets: Jets-Dolphins-Eagles-Cowboys. No other Teams were represented. As for the Players in each booklet-it is totally random. I do have other Booklets and 128 page Deluxe & 56 page regular Albums (albums INCLUDE 144 player stamps) available. As mentioned this was only done for 1 Year. Why they did'nt continue, who knows? Just makes these items that much more rare and valuable! In my opinion

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