Welcome to my Auction. I have purchased a large amount of vintage early 70's to mid 70's baseball and football cards, with some very very nice cards that I will be auctioning off over the next few months..Please be sure to check my other auctions for more high grade singles. .. AS ALWAYS- PAY ONLY A FLAT $3.00 SHIPPING- NO MATTER HOW MANY CARDS YOU WIN!! Win 1 or all and only pay a flat $3.00 for shipping.

This is a great opportunity to pick up a bunch of high grade cards at one stop! BE SURE TO CHECK MY AUCTIONS OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS FOR HIGH GRADE 72, 73, 75 TOPPS BASEBALL and FOOTBALL!!

Note- Tonight I am pleased to be bringing you a very large amount of clean 1972 Topps singles. These cards were bought back in 72 and are very nice. I estimate that 80% of the cards in this set are Nrmint-Mint or better and the remaining 20% are Nrmint. The best thing is that most all of these cards are centered very well and are great candidates for grading as most will grade either 8 or 9. If you are looking to upgrade of complete your 72 set, this is the auction for you as these cards are really clean with sharp corners and NO wax stains. Keep checking back as i will be listing a ton of cards in the next couple weeks..

1972 Topps single - # 230 - NRMINT-MINT. This card has 4 very sharp corners, nice original gloss
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