1972-P type 1 - NGC - MS64 - Eisenhower Dollar

This is a 1972-P - type 1 - Eisenhower Dollar

NGC - MS64

Better grade than most

I'll start the auction at a low start and see how it will go.

This lot is a mixed collection of rare and modern coins I have collected over the years. Some will have more value than others. I will start the auction at a reasonable start. Be sure to look at the coin listed and remember it will be a coin equal to or better than the one in the photo shipped.

Should you be unhappy with any of the items won please, e-mail and let me know you will be sending it back for a refund. I'm sure you will be pleased with any of the collectiables won.

Should you have any questions, just ask and I'll do my best to answer as quickly as I can but, remember that I may not be here and if you wait untill the auction is about over I may not have the time to get back.

As a veteran, I will ship to the United States only, Free shipping.

Thank you, and good Luck.

Tom Bass