This is awesome for any Alice Cooper fan.This would make a great addition to your collection. I went to his Billion Dollar Babies concert at Pirates World in Dania , FL. back in 1973.Up for auction is his Alice Cooper Special Concert Edition Program. It is in excellent condition and has everything including the pullout one billion dollar bill and the elected poster.IThe program has all sorts of pix and history of the bandmates.You will also get my two ticket stubs (see photo) but that's not all!!! To the winner I will also throw in my 1975 ticket stub to his Welcome to my Nightmare Concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium. But that's still not all I will throw in a page from the June 18,1973 Newsweek with a article on Alice along with a photo of him and some guy named Kal Rudman.Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions.