1974 Bahamas 10 Dollar Independence Sterling Coin

1974 Bahamas 10 Dollar Independence Sterling Coin
1974 Ten-Dollar Independence Day Sterling Silver Coin With Box
July 10, 1974, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas celebrated its first anniversary of independence. This sterling silver ten-dollar coin was struck in honor of this anniversary occasion. This coin was minted in a limited proof edition by The Franklin Mint under authorization of The Central Bank of the Bahamas. This coin is sealed in the original protective paper plastic. There is minor wear to the outer red cardboard paper.
This fantastic coin boasts the following:
* Weight: 50.4200 g. * Composition: 0.9250 silver 1.4994 oz ASW * Subject: 1st Anniversary of Independence * Obverse: Portrait of Sir Milo B. Butler, Governor-General of the Bahamas * Reverse: National Coat of Arms * Size: 50 mm. diameter (approximately 2 inches) * Mintage: 43,000
Throughout most of hits history, the Bahamas were under the British flag. On July 10, 1973 the new Bahamian flag was raised in a special ceremony, and the islands attained their status as an independent, sovereign nation. The flag, quite different from the Union Hack which flew over the islands for 344 years, consists of bold stripes of gold and aquamarine and a black triangle.
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