Up for bid is this portfolio of beautiful prints by Franklin Mint. T are 12 matted prints all ready for framing. Each of these prints have been signed by the artist - signed in pencil and dated for the year they were signed (either 1974 or 1975). Each print with mat measures 30 1/4" wide x 22 1/8" long. Each is in its own paper cover that has the name of the print and its artist. These are all held in a nice heavy portfolio cover (partially shown in first photo). The following is the list of prints and artists included in this portfolio: (1) Tumbleweed Serenade by Tom Lovell (outside paper cover is torn/damaged on bottom and both corners; inside mat is creased and corners are damaged (I don't believe that the corners would show once framed, but the creases on the mat would). (2) Night Riders by Melvin Warren; (3) Mist of Morning by Ralph Wall (paper cover is creased, mat has small amount of damage to left side near corner (would probably not show when framed); (4) Pursuit and Attack by Joe Ruiz Grandee; (5) Wood Gatr of Walpi by Paul Calle; (6) Laying a Heel Trap by Bill Owen; (7) Dusk on the Santa Fe Hills by Bob Lougheed; (8) Waiting to Go to the Powwow by Ray Swanson; (9) The Supply Wagon by James Reynolds; (10) The Great Hunt by Buck McCain; NOT SHOWN IN PHOTOS: (11) Crossing Trails by Gordon Phillips; and (12) The Night Mail ... read more