You are bidding on an Obiturary/Article on RICHARD LONG Who was best known in TV's BIG VALLEY & NANNY & THE PROFESSOR,. Clipping is mounted on colored sheet of paper but can be removed for other uses.

I have several clippings to be put up in the next three weeks. The Clippings were sold to me about 15 years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. They were obtained from the papers by a person who was a child star who appearted on the Dennis the Mennis, and Donna Reed TV Series. He when collecting them had a Memorabilia Shop in El Cerrito Calif. He also was a President of an Elvis and Three Stooges Fan Clubs and was close with Larry, Moe, Joe Becker and Emil Sitcliff that was the Professor and other guys on the Three Stooges Series. Most of the clippings came from the San Francisco Examiner, Oakland Tribune, A Since Defunct El Cerrito Paper, the LA Times and other Northern Cal Papers. They are not reprints but original clippins out of the papers. Some might be slightly wrinkled or show paper age as they have been stored in a box and went through several moves. I give satisfactory guarantee on all my products.

Shipping is $2.00 for the first clipping and 50 cents for others purchased when shipped to gether. Canada and Overseas Shipping is $4.00 add 50 cents for each other purchased and shipped together..