1974 TAKAMINE F-310 Acoustic Guitar ***Very Nice 36 yr old Takamine!**

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***The First of The Lawsuit Years Takamine Models!!***

Before I describe my guitar let me tell you what it IS NOT. It is not from an Estate Sale, nor is it being offered to you by an antique dealer as a thrift store find. Too many instruments seem to be up for auction these days from people who have no clue how it really sounds thrown up for bids wearing 20 year old strings, with the insistence it’s beautiful to look at and “must be high quality”.

Hopefully if you are a beginner to a pro I will answer all your questions. If you’re a beginner print this auction and take it to your music teacher for verification.

Now about the instrument, it’s historical relevance to Takamine…and why you may prefer it to a newer instrument.

I have included 21 pictures that should clearly show both the condition of the instrument and the high content level of the instrument.

This guitar is from an era of both change and establishment for Takamine. In 1968 Mr. Mass Hirade, (a name that many classical players will recognize) joined Takamine. His years of experience in building hand made guitars were brought to bear on the Takamine line-up. The result was a line of high

In 1974 Takamine began importing to the USA. As the instruments were already based heavily on Martin designs and exercising poor judgment as Japanese management of the era was fond of doing, they decided the best path to the US market, was to make an exact Martin copy, as far as ornamentation went. This even included stealing the headstock and print type Martin used. These instruments of 1974-82 were known as the “lawsuit” Takamines, due to a legal warning sent to Takamine from Martin.

This 1974 F-310 is a relatively hard model to find being both early on and an OM body style. The instruments imported during the first years did not have as large a dealer network, and are tfore not available in as large a number. Further, the F Series in general were highly skewed toward the dreadnaught body shape making any of the smaller sized instruments more difficult to locate.

Looking back with Takamine now 45 years old, it’s almost humorous that they felt the need to make clones. This guitar is very much based on the OM-21 Martin and is a very finely made guitar. The interior build quality is top notch with very little extra glue. Differences in this guitar and a Martin of 1974 include the inclusion of a truss rod, and Takamine was smart enough not to lacquer over the plastic pick guard. So many Martins of this time frame are now cracked due to the pick guard lifting!!

This is a Model F-310 built by Takamine in Japan.

Year: 1974
14 3/8” Width
Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
3-piece neck with seamed heel, Rosewood Overlaid headstock.
20 fret rosewood Fingerboard with Dot inlays and Side Dot Markers
Rosewood Bridge
White-bound body, w-b-w back and top binding
Maple Backstrap
Action at the 12th fret 3.0mm
S/N: 74081332
Enclosed Tuning Machines

Now let’s talk condition.

Condition is used very good considering the age. It’s got a couple of decent scratches on the top but they are not through the finish. You can tell by the extreme light color of the top and the smell of fresh cut wood inside that this guitar was kept properly humidified and enclosed. Exposure to light will darken the top over time yet this one is as light colored as when new.

T is no finish wear at all, nor any fret wear. T are NO SPLITS OR CRACKS EVER IN THE TOP OR BODY, nor are t any finish cracks or checking however t is some clouding on the back and sides. The Japanese were some of the first to try water born finishes which hold up well and are very resistant to cracking as you see on almost all older Gibson’s. However these finishes can turn milky over time. The guitar ...

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