1974 Topps Wacky Packages 8th Series 8 Complete Set 30/30 EX

You are bidding on the vintage original Series 8 1974 Kong Fu sticker set. This 30 sticker card set is overall in Excellent Plus to Excellent (EX+ to EX) Condition. There is no pencil or pen marks on the fronts or backs of these sticker cards. This original 8th series is great addition to your collection. This set contains the following:
Knots Gelatine Canadian Clod Hex-Lax Bam Shot Tissue Yubum Coffee Daffy Baking Powder Dr. Popper Mop & Glop Cleaner Lipoff Cup-a-Slop Scorch Mouthwash Hostile Thinkies Cheep Detergent Paid Killers Hopeless Snow Balls Biva Towel Kentucky Fried Fingers Choke-Up Toothpaste STD Oil Shortage Bone Ami Yicks Cough Drops Burpsi-Cola Kleenaxe Tissues Ivery Snow Rolaches Smoocher's Jam Scary Lee Kong Fu Bubble Gum Hardly Wrap Suffertone
This does NOT contain the 9 card puzzle and checklist set. I do have these available on my Ebay store if interested. Check out the pictures of the fronts of the actual cards and stickers and you can be the judge on condition. I am not a professional grader but I tried to be describe the set the best that I could. Let me know if you have any specific questions before you bid or buy.