1975 Cincinnati Reds Danbury Mint Team Figurine New wow

Winner receives a 1975 Cincinnati Reds Team Figurine by the Danbury Mint! It has never been on display and is in perfect condition. It is still inside its original packaging. This item is extremely rare on Ebay! Amazing quality. Winner pays $25 for parcel post shipping.

I have done some research into this figurine on the internet. Value is over $400. Ebay auction number 280219054387 went for $405 and was an opened item. My figurine has never left its box. My parents bought me a ton of danbury mint figurines in the past and I just stored them until now.

This is my 2nd 1975 Reds Danbury Team I've put up for sale. My last one sold for $410, see 140239949896. Just discovered this while sorting through boxes of stuff. This is only the 4th 1975 Reds Team Figurine I've seen on ebay in the past several months.