1975 SEVENTEEN Magazine - Peter Falk - Fashion !!

Dated May 1975

Cover Model: Cheri La Rocque



Sports U.S.A...Sensational Gear For Bikers, Swimmers, Riders...
See Native: The Indigo Batiks
Designer Looks: They're the Tops...to Crochet, to Knit
Add the Charm of Embroidery


Dear Beauty Editor
Cool Heads...New Hairstyles For Summer
Beauty Sports...A Bevy of Beauty Ideas For Sports Buffs
Sun: How To Play It Safe


Growing Things...Kalanchoe & Pigmy Date Palm
Getting It Down On Paper
How To Laminate


Buns Off To Burgers...Thirty Nine Sumptuous Ideas


Working For the People...Bill Hartmans is 18 yrs. old & a City Commissioner
Job Tips For Hard Times
Baby Sitters Guide
Are Dogs, Cats, Chimps, Snakes & Horses Really Your Thing?
Growing Up In A Beach Town
How Psychotherapy Helped Me

The Man Inside Columbo...Uncovering the Real Peter Falk

What Every Young Woman Should Know About Rape
Catapult Fever...Hurling Boulders Is the Latest Craze
A Mission Of Mercy
Rhyme Time


Death Of A Tomboy...by M. Cameron Grey


Your Letters
Susan Ford's White House Diary
Mini Mag
In My Opinion..Let's Have

194 pages -- in very good condition

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