1975 SSPC Baseball Card Set (630 Cards NMT/MT)

Are you the serious card collector looking for something pretty RARE? is the 1975 (1976) SSPC 630 Card Baseball Card Set that everyone talks about. This set was created in 1975 but wasn't released until 1976, but encountered a host of legal problems which led to it being taken down from further sales, making this a pretty difficult and rare set to find. The publisher was SSPC which is short for the "Sports Star Publishing Company" and they made these sets available through mail order in complete set form only. This is a great set to explore, to have graded or to split apart for huge profits. OR , it's just one of those sets to sit on and watch its future develop.

This set includes a very rare Nolan Ryan Card which is a checklist #593. On this card t was an error in the spelling of Nolan Ryan's name, spelling it "Noland Ryan ". From what I understand t are corrected versions of this error card, but not in this set. This set contains the error card that everyone is after. This card is identified by its picture of Catfish Hunter (NY) standing next to Nolan Ryan in the Angels Jersey.

T is no shortage of stars in this set which includes the likes of Willie Mays, Johnny Bench, George Brett, Pete Rose, Hank Aaron, Brooks Robinson, Tom Seaver (George Thomas Seaver), Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr., Dave Winfield, Gary Carter, Dennis
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