Welcome to my Weekly Vintage Auctions. I am always striving to bring you high grade set break from the 1950's-70's and I have purchased some very nice sets that I will be auctioning off over the next few months. .Please be sure to check my ebay store to view the set breaks each and every week. ... AS ALWAYS- PAY ONLY A FLAT $3.00 SHIPPING- NO MATTER HOW MANY CARDS YOU WIN!! That is right. Win 1 or all of my cards on the weekly auctions and only pay a flat $3.00 for shipping. This is a great opportunity to pick up a bunch of cards at one stop ... REMEMBER, I OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT 100% SATISFIED!!! BE SURE TO CHECK THE SET BREAKS THIS WEEK INCLUDING HIGH GRADE 1960,1966 AND 1975 TOPPS BASEBALL!!

Note- Tonight I am pleased to be bringing you a very clean 1975 Topps set break. This set was assembled back in 75 and is very nice. I estimate that 80% of the cards in this set are Nrmint-Mint or better and the remaining 20% are Nrmint. The best thing is that most all of these cards are centered very well and are great candidates for grading as most will grade either 8 or 9. If you are looking to upgrade of complete your 75 set, this is the auction for you as these cards are really clean with sharp corners and NO wax stains. I am listing all 660 singles tonight!!

1975 Topps set break - # 304 - NRMINT-MINT. This
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