Welcome to my weekly auctions. This week I am pleased to be bringing you 3 ultra high grade set breaks from 1973-75. These 3 sets are in fantastic condition with over 75% of the cards grading Nrmint-Mint to Mint condition. If you are looking for cards that will grade 8's and 9's -this weeks auctions are for you. These are the finest quality sets I have broke up in a long long time. . A great opportunity for you to complete or upgrade your 1973,74 and 75 sets this week.. BEST COMBINED SHIPPING DEAL. WIN 1 CARD OR 100 AND PAY ONLY A FLAT 3 BUCKS!!. That is right, pay only 3 dollars shipping no matter how many cards are won in a 7 day period. Be sure to check out my store w you can view my weekly auctions-As mentioned this week high grade set breaks from 1973-75. Next week will feature high grade set breaks from 1969 and 1964!!

Note-In tonight's 1975 Topps Baseball set break, I am listing every single card from the set. All 660 cards - This is by far the best set break I have ever sold from 1975. I would estimate that 35% of these singles will have a good chance at 9's and 60% could get 8's. It is like taking a time machine back to 75. You will love these cards!!

1975 Topps Baseball - # 320- NRMINT-MINT. Card has 4 razor sharp corners, nice original gloss and NO wrinkles or creases. A very high grade card that looks
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