1975 Topps 620 Gary Carter RC NM #D539121

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1975 Topps 620 Gary Carter RC NM #D539121



1975 Topps 620 Gary Carter RC NM #D539121

Combined shipping to Canada:

2-4 cards is $4.50
5-18 cards $9.00
19-80 cards is $15.50

Combined shipping to all other international locations:

2-4 cards - $4.50
5-18 cards - $13.50
19-80 cards - $22.50

Please request an invoice before paying so we can combine the shipping for you.

Grading standards:
NM-MT (Near Mint-Mint): Sharp corners with possible slight fraying on one or two corners, minor print imperfection, slight wax stain on reverse is OK. Centering 70/30 or better on the front.
NM (Near Mint): Sharp corners, but slight fraying on some of the corners with possible slight surface wear. Most original gloss is still there. Picture might be slightly out of register and minor printing blemish is OK. Wax staining on the front is OK and slight wax stain on the back is OK. Centering is 75/25 or better on the front.
EX-MT (Excellent-Mint): Corners slightly more worn than a NM card. Possible surface wear that doesn’t detract the eye appeal. Possible to have focus slightly off, wax on the front and back, slightly off white borders. Still a pretty sharp card. Centering is 80/20 or better

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